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LeadModo Review – A Tool To Grab Email List And Messenger List Easily

LeadModo Review – Introduction

In this LeadModo Review, we are going to take a look at a powerful software tool that gets you more leads and sales automatically. LeadModo can combine the power of engagement and ManyChat to boost the conversion rate from your website.

LeadModo utilizes the newest and trendiest technology in social media marketing – quizzes. It thus allows you to improve the engagement rate, reduce the bounce rate, and turn more of your visitors into potential customers.

LeadModo Review – What Is It?

LeadModo is a software tool that integrates with both your website and your Facebook account to generate quizzes, polls, and surveys. It has the ability to reach to more than a billion users on Facebook, attracting them to your website and offers.

This software can also work with your Facebook Messenger to reach out to more potential leads. They help your content reach directly to people’s inbox, forcing them to take a look at your offers.

With LeadModo, you can build unlimited Messenger leads using the power of engagement. And we will learn more about it in the following parts of this LeadModo Review.

About the Creator – Neil Napier

For the creation and development of LeadModo, Neil Napier had to work in close collaboration with Aidan Corkery and Yves Kuoyo. They are all the experts in social media marketing.

They put the newest trends in marketing into one package – LeadModo with the hope to free today’s marketers from having to overspend on social media ads. They spent more than a year for the R&D of this product, making it the best version of itself.

Neil Napier is also an author of many other products such as Social Viral Wizard, Offer Funnel, and Video Lead Boxes. Most of his products are know for the versatility, comprehensiveness, and ease of use.

LeadModo Review – What Are the Great Features?

Quiz builder

LeadModo enables you to make your own quizzes from a wide variety of templates. These templates are all stunning and proven-to-convert.

Start page and landing page customization

Even if you don’t have a website, you can create a brand-new landing page from scratch. And with the custom start page, you can warm up your visitors before they actually get to your offers.

URL Redirect

Once the visitor finishes his quiz/poll/survey, he will be redirected to your products. You can even choose the quizzes that are relevant to your products.

Image answer

This feature is what made me write this LeadModo Review. It makes answering the quizzes, polls, and surveys very interactive and addictive. Answering by choosing image is an excellent way to keep your visitors stay on your website for a longer time.

Embed and Share

With LeadModo, you can easily embed your content on any website and fan page on Facebook. Or you can put in into Messenger to massively send them to your customers.

Also, LeadModo allows you to make your content pop up on your website. Visitors will then be more amazed and curious to take the quiz, poll, or survey.

Pixel tracking

LeadModo integrates with many pixel code trackers such as Facebook Pixel, Google Adwords Pixel, and Bing Ad Pixel. It thus allows for maximum exposure on any search engine and social media.

A/B Spit testing

I am thrilled to know that this feature appears in this software. The A/B split testing is a perfect method to help you know whether your campaigns are performing as you expected.

And with the testing feature in LeadModo, I believe you will no longer need to do any guesswork to improve your website performance.

LeadModo Review – Who Should Use It?

LeadModo is a suitable tool for affiliate marketers, local business and eCommerce store owners, and bloggers. And the best thing about this tool is that it does not require any experience in coding, website designing, or digital marketing.

LeadModo is a very foolproof tool for engaging more people to your content, products or offers. It is suitable for any level of users. The ease of use is also a premium value that you can barely find in any other digital product.

LeadModo Review – Personal Experience

I used Leadmodo as beta tester so you can trust anything I review today.

Now I’m going to take a tour to help you understand everything about it.

Here is main dashboard of LeadModo:


The first thing you have to do is to connect your autoresponder system to LeadModo.

LeadModo supports some ARs below: MailChimp, Active Campaign, Madmimi, Convertkit, Sendlane, Getresponse, iContact, Campaign Monitor.

There are 3 types of campaigns inside LeadModo, including: Quiz, Poll, and Survey.

Now I’m going to explain feature of each module:

1/Create Quiz:

Here is main dashboard of this module:


There are 30 quiz templates for you here, and you can the template you like and customize it or you also can create from scratch.


Here I’m going to choose one random template and here is the first dashboard of it:


You have to go some steps as below:

-Step 1: You can customize some settings like title font color, description font color, change welcome quiz image.


-Step 2: You can customize some questions and answers as your own.



[+] For each answer, you have three options to use: text, image, or text+image.

[+] You can add unlimited questions you want but in my opinion, to avoid losing leads, you should have about 5 questions per campaign.

-Step 3: Here you can manage customization for A&Q box like below:


-Step 4: You can choose optin type and customize this optin box.


Note2: beside optin form like my screenshot above, there are 2 other optin types, including: Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Messenger + Optin Form. However, these 2 other optin types are under OTO2.

At this step, you can also choose your AR and your email list as below:


-Step 5: Customize your outcome. This is where your visitors see when they complete 5 questions and put their email to the box.


-Step 6 (Optional): This step allows you to create a landing page with the quiz inside it.


Note3: If you choose “landing page type”, there are a header and a footer like this, and you can add more elements to it like banner, information, affiliate offer.


-Step 7: here you can use a direct campaign URL or you can copy the embed code and paste to anywhere you want.


Okay, now you can check my the quiz demo URL here:

2/Create Poll:

Here you also have some poll templates and you customize as your own OR you can make your own poll from scratch.


I’m going to choose a random poll template and here is main dashboard of this second module:


Now you need to go through some steps as below:

-Step 1: Customize your the first welcome poll


-Step 2: Customize your poll question.


-Step 3: Customize your poll box


-Step 4: Choose optin type and customize it and choose your email list on your AR.


-Step 5: Customize your outcomes


-Step 6 (optional): You can choose to make your landing page or not (as my explanation in section 1 – create quiz)


-Step 7: You can send direct URL campaign to your visitor or embed the code on anywhere you like.


And okay, here is the example inside this section:

capcha image